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Mothers Against Drunk Driving: Organization that has much more to do with Virtual Prohibition than with drunk driving or mothers. This is part of MADD’s public policy page. Read this carefully and critically. It is a good place to start browsing around MADD’s massive propaganda site. Wonder in amazement how MADD can do these things and maintain exemption from taxes as a 501 C (3) charitable organization. You can also find links to other anti-alcohol organizations there.

National Highway Transportation Safety Administration: This site is the propaganda clearinghouse for federal DUI policy. A few salient features:


Justice Dept. Bureau of Statistics: Statistics on just about any kind of crime related data that the government chooses to compile for you. Many of the statistics cited in the DUIgulag articles were obtained from this site. Great research source.

General Accounting Office: Visit the site, look around and order a copy of the scathing GAO review of NHTSA policy concerning the effectiveness of State .08% BAC laws

National Safety Counsel: Stats and info regarding to accidents and injuries in U.S.

National Institutes of health : Stats and info regarding health related issues in the U.S.

The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) is a non-partisan data gathering, data research and data distribution organization associated with Syracuse University. TRAC monitors the activities of federal government agencies using documents and data obtained under the Freedom Of Information Act. You will have to register, but it is free. Here are some TRAC sites:

The Road Information Program: private, a non-profot organization that compiles useful data and publishes studies concerning highway safety issues.


National Motorists Association: Advocating, Protecting, and Representing the Rights of North American Motorists

Thoughtful approach to Drunk Driving issues

American Beverage Institute - A number of excellent articles. Great links. Represents the first counter-attack of the beverage industry against MADD tyranny.

Prohibition Times

Mothers Against Drunk Driving: Has Its Vision Become Blurred? - Excellent, well documented article published by Capital Research Center


Catch Drunks, Don’t Harass Drivers:

The Hazards of Driving Sober:

A lot of good gulag related articles may be found here:

Drivers Against Madd Methods: DAMM is an organization that was founded by a group of responsible citizens who were astonished to learn how legislators and other politicians have created an entire DUI Industry in their quest for easy votes and increased government revenues.

Police Brutality Links:

DUI: Drunk on Stats:

US Slowly Drifting Towards Police State:

Prisons For Profit Links:

Two representative case histories:

National Restaurant Association:

National Licensed Beverages Association:

Radar Detectors:

"Prohibition: The Sequel"... An interesting article in Forbes magazine by Tony Hendra.

Stephen Beck's book intitled Big Brother's New Prohibition relates how "the government has intentionally lied to us all resulting in precident setting brutal laws that defy both logic and the bill of rights."

R.I.D.L. - A non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public and lawmakers about the misdirection of the current DUI laws.


Alcoholics Anonymous: Many people think this organization has all the features of a full blown religious cult, but hundreds of thousands of people with an addiction to alcohol have received support there.

Alcoholism/Treatment: Great site! Great links! Lots of straight information here without all the lies, exaggeration and misstatements one finds on the government related or supported sites.


Cato institute: promoting public policies based on individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace. Excellent articles. This site is worth a thorough viewing on a regular basis.

The Libertarian Party of The United States: Includes links to your state’s site

Libertarian Alliance (UK) : Libertarian friends in the UK


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